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Icelotto is powered by Lottoyard’s online lottery ticket carrier platform. This platform, while not polished, offer a varied set of features and product types and icelotto makes use of most of them. They offer far more than the online lotto industry’s standard and really stand out on this review aspect with very few competitors scoring higher. Any lottery player will find a product to match his needs and wants, from those coming for the first time and want to try out to those who have been playing for years and playing big.


The basic lottery product. It’s one lottery line to the name of the player. Any prize this lines entitled for, is credited to the player’s account. There might be fees or tax to pay, depending on player’s country of origin. This is were the carrier service is used, there’s a person going to a kiosk at the lottery’s country of origin and completes a purchase. Other than providing the service of purchasing a ticket local for global users, there’s no other benefit.


Group is a pool of 50 different single lottery lines of one lottery. As there are 50 lines, the odds of the group to win a jackpot is x50. To buy into a group, a player has to buy a share. Each group is split to 150 shares. Whatever the group wins is divided between shareholders, meaning the more shares a player holds the bigger his prize. This product has a high chance of winning and a relatively low buy in, but it comes at a price of having to share the prize with other shareholders. This product is where online carriers really bring an added value, they manage a product that otherwise would have been complicate to create – 150 people joining efforts to purchase 50 tickets.


Buy once play multiple times. By completing one purchase, a player can buy a mixture of products, personal line and group share, of different lotteries and different draws. Some of the products cover draws three months ahead. Some of the products are only available through customer support. Some products can get weird and one should check from time to time a bundle is priced fairly as they can seem more attractive than really are. Bundles are a great example of the global service icelotto provides, with one transaction, a player can “locally” buy tickets from three continents.


For those who settle for nothing less than nine figure wins. You participate weekly on the lottery with the highest jackpot. It’s a shot and forget strategy. You can buy up to 100 auto picked lines of only the highest weekly jackpot. This promises you always participate in the lottery with the highest top tier prize.

icelotto offer four different product types, each one has it’s own benefits, and together they cover almost every player need. Not all is perfect, product description is missing on some occasions. Pricing can get a little complicated for comparison, it’s hard to tell if a bundle is priced to save a player money or just look like it.


Under this section are the measurements Icelotto takes to keep the site secure, players data inaccessible to those of malicious intent, and servers stable. It’s of the utmost importance as you, an online lottery player, put your trust in the brand you buy lottery tickets from. This review aspect checks Icelotto is trustworthy.


HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, while SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. These two certificates are an assurance the site is secured and safe to browse, fill in personal details, and complete payment on. This is a server level protection. All data transferred between your computer and Icelotto’s servers is encrypted and unreadable to any other. This technology is widely used and for site’s dealing with users and processing of different payment methods, it is a must. An immediate visual identification signal is a padlock icon appears in the browser’s address bar. You can check yourslef the site’s certificate is by GeoTrust and a quick review shows it is installed correctly.


icelotto’s Google safebrowsing status is not dangerous. This means Google, that review billion of web pages each day to see if they’re dangerous for users to visit, consider icelotto to be safe.


As seen on other sites, icelotto are making use of a trust logo of McAfee’s SECURE services, but an inspection shows this is not the case . It doesn’t mean the site is not protected, but not making use of that antivirus service. Reviewed with both McAfee’s SiteAdvisor and Norton’s Safe Web there were no red flags raised, no threats detected, and no apparent security issues. Community rating on Safe Web is an impressive 5 out of 5.


Two other trust logos used at the sites footer has to do with the site’s online reputation. Webutation and Trustpilot both provide a platform for internet users to rate companies. While Webutation gives Icelotto an oddly perfect score of 100/100, TrustPilot considers only reviewers average score and gives a bad score of 2.7/10. These two are given a low value as has little to do with security, but users reviews were read and taken to consideration on other review aspects.

At the bottom of the site you’ll find several completely irrelevant trust logos and icons – iceSecure, ice+Responsible, guarantee 100% satisfaction, and Player Satisfaction score – they, of course, had no weight on score as they have no meaning or completely bias. This is even though this practice in not recommended. Only verified security services and audits take part. icelotto meets the security requirements and there’s no reason to worry about account details reaching wrong hands.

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