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O processo do sorteio consiste em selecionar uma bola de cada máquina, em simultâneo, e continua até o “bombo” de prémios estar vazio. O processo pode levar horas a ser concluído e tornou-se um evento cultural significativo no calendário anual de Espanha. Para reforçar a atmosfera e o entusiasmo, crianças da Escola San Ildefonso em Madrid selecionam as bolas e cantam os resultados.

Os sorteios, que ocorrem anualmente em Madrid no dia 22 de dezembro e que são considerados um evento nacional, diferem das lotarias normais em dois importantes aspetos. Afastando-se de outras lotarias cujos sorteios são, regra geral, breves e concluídos com pouca pompa, os sorteios de El Gordo de Navidad duram horas devido ao grande número de prémios e ao formato que está mais próximo de uma rifa do que uma lotaria normal.

As bolas saem de duas máquinas, chamadas “bombos”, que carregam milhares de bolas. Um “bombo” contém bolas marcadas com uma combinação de números predeterminada enquanto o outro “bombo” contém bolas marcadas com uma quantia de prémio. Cada número predeterminado é impresso em vários bilhetes, por isso, quando um prémio é selecionado para corresponder a um número sorteado, o fundo para aquele nível será partilhado entre os jogadores detentores do bilhete com o número premiado.

The Exceptional Loteria de Navidad Commercials

Lottery ads have a history of going the extra mile to gather players, but the commercials for the Loteria de Navidad are unlike anything else in the world of lottery advertisement. Every year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery releases a short film to promote the upcoming raffle. This is actually a big part of the traditions surrounding this lottery because the release of the ad is an event in itself. Let us show you the best Loteria de Navidad ads of the last years, so that you can get an idea of just how amazing they are:



“La Mirada de Daniel ” – Loteria de Navidad Ad 2017

2017’s El Gordo advert is one of fairytales. Directed by Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar, the ad tells the story of Danielle, an alien who comes to Earth, takes human form and finds out about the wonder of love. The alien walks in Madrid and ends up staying in line for El Gordo tickets. Here, she meets Daniel, a young man who tries to help her, as she appears to be lost in a country where she does not speak the language. Daniel buys two El Gordo tickets, hands one to the girl, and introduces himself. When she repeats what he said, she gets the name Danielle from him. Then, he takes her in and this is how their story begins. First gradually, then suddenly, they fall in love, in spite of the language barrier and all the other reasons keeping them apart. But when Danielle gets lost in Madrid, they are in danger of never seeing each other again. Find out how this enchanting love story ends in 2017’s ad for the Loteria de Navidad!



“December 21” – Loteria de Navidad Ad 2016

This is one of the most heartwarming Christmas ads of all time and it tells the story of Carmina, a lovely lady who sees a Loteria de Navidad spot on television and believes that she has a winning ticket. She gets incredibly excited about her win and she wants to share it with the entire town. The only issue is that draw for the Spanish Christmas lottery has not yet been held, as the date is December 21st. In spite of this, nobody in town has the heart to tell her that she had not won the lottery just yet. This leads to the entire town getting involved in this make-believe lottery win celebration because Carmina had a special spot in everybody’s heart. Watch the ad to find out whether or not her son masters the courage to tell her the truth or not.



“Justino” – Loteria de Navidad Ad 2015

From all the Loteria de Navidad ads made up to this point, “Justino” is by far the best. This animated short film is about a night guard from a mannequin factory in Spain, who always put in extra effort to make everybody’s day better. With Christmas coming up, Justino decides to make a very special holiday installment for his colleagues, for which he uses mannequins from the factory. Preoccupied with his project, Justino forgets all about the Loteria de Navidad. He realizes that he forgot to put in his share in the factory syndicate as he reads about his colleagues winning the Spanish Christmas Lottery. As he goes in to congratulate them, Justino will get a surprise of his very own.

El Gordo de La Primitiva

One El Gordo ticket isn’t very cheap, namely 200 euros. Do not be put off by this. It’s also possible to buy a part of the ticket for 20 euros. These parts are known as ‘décimos’ and give everyone the possibility to participate in this lottery. Perhaps you’re willing to share the prize money if you win. In that case it might be smart to participate together with your friends and/or family members. El Gordo takes only place during Christmas. This is not your only chance to win money though. Every Sunday a draw with smaller prizes is organized as well, known as ‘El Gordo de La Primitiva’. A ticket for this lottery only costs 1,50 euros. The ticket prize is not the only difference between this lottery and it’s bigger brother. Unlike El Gordo, you can choose your own lottery numbers over there. Pick your six favorite number or let them be generated automatically by the computer if you find it difficult to choose. Good luck!

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